Flood Instruction Continuing Education Requirement

Flood Instruction Continuing Education Requirement

IMPORTANT NOTICE for Real Estate Brokers and Experienced Salespersons

The 2015 Virginia General Assembly approved HB 2295 to require certain active real estate licensees complete continuing education in “flood hazard areas and the National Flood Insurance Program” (Flood Instruction) as a condition for license renewal. As of January 1, 2016, flood Instruction content is included in Real Estate Board-approved continuing education (CE) courses under the Legal Updates (LU) subject area.  

The new law applies to active brokers and active experienced salespersons (those salespersons who have renewed their license at least one time). Brokers and experienced salespersons on inactive status will only need to complete Flood Instruction CE when they wish to activate their license.

All active brokers and active experienced salespersons who renew their license after December 31, 2015, must complete a Board-approved LU CE course that includes Flood Instruction to renew their licenses. If you renew your license after December 31, 2015, and you previously completed a Board-approved LU CE course that DID NOT include Flood Instruction, you will receive Real Estate Related (Elective) credit instead of LU credit for that course—and you still must take a LU course with Flood Instruction to renew your active license.

Lists of all Board-approved education providers and CE courses can be accessed by clicking on the Education and Exams tab on the Board’s website.

Please contact the Board’s Education Section at 804-367-2406 or by e-mail with any questions.