Real Estate Salesperson Forms

Real Estate Salesperson Forms


NEW! Quick Reference Guide | How to Apply for a License                                

Salesperson License Application (v05/03/2021) No online option  Interactive Static

ACTIVATE (with a Firm or Sole Proprietorship)

Salesperson Activate Application (v11/01/2016) Apply Online Interactive Static

TRANSFER (to a Firm or Sole Proprietorship)

Salesperson Transfer Application (v11/01/2016)
  • video tutorial to avoid common mistakes                                                
Apply Online Interactive Static


License Inactivate Application: Salesperson or Associate Broker (v11/10/2015)            Apply Online  Interactive Static

ADD/CHANGE Branch Affiliation (if currently active)                                                           

  • not to be used by an INACTIVE licensee 
Branch Affiliation Application (v10/19/2017)                                                                    No online option  Interactive Static

TERMINATE Branch Affiliation (but remain active)    

  • not to be used to inactivate a license 
Termination of Branch Affiliation Application (v11/01/2016)                                            No online option  Interactive Static


Option 1   RENEW ONLINE  
Option 2  Return the RENEWAL CARD received in the mail along with your payment 
Option 3  Submit a CREDIT CARD PAYMENT FORM by mail or FAX, with a statement indicating that the payment is for the renewal of a license. You MUST include your license number(s).      
  • Renewals cannot be processed over the phone. 
  • If your license has been expired for more than 30 days, you must contact Board staff at (804) 367-8526 or for further guidance.



Real Estate Name/Address Change Form - Individual (v09/11/2019) No online option  Interactive Static
Certification Request Form (v10/10/2013)
*official license information, often requested by other states for verification  Interactive Static
Credit Card Payment Form (v02/12/2020) Renew Online Interactive Static
Disciplinary Action Reporting Form  No online option  Interactive Static
DPOR Criminal Conviction Reporting Form 
*for individuals already licensed by Real Estate Board 
No online option Interactive Static